The DUCKBILL Principle

DUCKBILL® anchors, a patented labor and time saving device, work like a toggle bolt in soil. DUCKBILLS are driven into the ground (with no holes, no digging and no concrete), providing a safe and environmentally sensitive installation. An upward pull on the anchor tendon rotates the DUCKBILL into a perpendicular “anchor lock” position in undisturbed soil. The result: superb holding capacities. DUCKBILL anchor systems offer the most effective, lightweight and economical solutions to any anchoring application, large or small.


Following nearly two years of research, development and testing, Maclean Civil Products has unveiled its new patented SERIES II earth anchor.  The new SERIES II design for the DUCKBILL and Manta Ray product lines offer multiple benefits including faster and more stable installation, harder soil penetration and quicker loading.