DUCKBILL® Earth Anchors are used worldwide to secure any object that can be stolen, moved or blown down. DUCKBILLS are available in different sizes and capacities for any application.

Some multi-purpose uses include:

• Fences
• Vineyards
• Sheds
• Mobile homes
• Tents
• Airplanes
• Towers
• Signs
• Antennas
• Scaffolding
• Playground equipment
• Structures


DUCKBILL earth anchors are manufactured from aluminum alloys to provide strength and durability. For hard or rocky soils, DUCKBILL anchors are available in galvanized ductile iron. For highly corrosive environments, DUCKBILL anchors can be fabricated with stainless steel wire rope, plastic impregnated wire rope or other corrosion-resistant solutions. Click here to see available anchor models.

Available worldwide

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