Drive Steel Equipment

Hand Drive Steel

Comes in a variety of sizes for light-heavy duty applications.

Hand Drive Steel Sizes:

For Model 40: DS-40 3/8” (9.7mm) round, 2’ (0.6m) long
For Model 68: DS-68 1/2’” (12.7mm) round, 3’ (0.9m) long
For Model 68-HD: DS-68-HD ¾” (19mm) round, 4’ (1.2m) long
For Model 88: DS-88 ¾” (19mm) round, 4’ (1.2m) long
For Model 138: Power Drive Steel Required

Power Drive Steel

Each DUCKBILL anchor has unique drive steel that is determined by the jack hammer and the anchor model. To select the drive steel that is right for your particular anchor:
1. Determine the anchor you are going to install
2. Measure the hex size across the flats of a shank that fits the hammer
3. Measure the shank length from the top of the hex to the collar

Call Foresight Products with a special shank size or if you need more information to determine which drive steel is needed for your application.

Locking Equipment

Anchor Hook

Allows the user to either anchor lock by using hook through anchor end loop or wrapping cable and simply pulling upwards to rotate the anchor into the anchor locked position.

Handy Man Jack or Heavy Duty Jack

Foresight Products can customize with our easily attached base plate. Simply insert bolt to attach jack to base plate. Upward tension on jack will set anchor into the anchor locked position.


This kit is designed to lock and proof test the anchor. It is manually operated and has a maximum capacity of 8000 lbs (36kN). It can accommodate anchors installed vertically or at an angle.