Expertise and slope stabilization systems handle some of the toughest sites imaginable

This recent article featured Manta Ray Anchors and their popularity amongst engineers and contractors for extreme slope stabilization projects. The superintendent for one of the contractors using Manta Ray’s stated, “We’re using the Manta Rays because it’s a fairly simple setup and it’s inexpensive compared to sheeting or anything like that,” he says. “It has made good sense to use them on this project.”

Article by Don Talend

Slope stabilization work becomes particularly urgent when an unstable hillside dislodges rocks at heights of several stories and potentially cause injuries or property damage. That was the case in September 2011 in Weston, WV, when general contractor Orders Construction of Charleston, WV, was awarded a contract to eliminate the potential for large sandstone blocks to fall from a slope rising nearly 10 stories above a roughly 1,000-foot-long stretch of State Route 19 that runs along the West Fork River. The slopes are steeper than 1:1—roughly 60 to 65 degrees.

It’s one example of how engineers and contractors are addressing extreme situations requiring serious slope stabilization. Available slope stabilization solutions are aiding their rigorous planning and execution when tackling these situations.

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