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Foresight Products is now a MacLean Power Systems Company.

Read the MacLean Press Release here.


Introducing the MPG

MPS Civil Products introduces the MPG (MacLean Power Grip) anchoring system. The system provides an instant tension anchoring solution with single component disk to distribute load while allowing vegetation growth. Recessed grip allows tendon to be cut below grade. Download the brochure on the full line of Soil Stabilization products here.

Stabilizing a stormwater canal

In most coastal communities, storm water treatment is extremely important to the overall health of streams, lakes, coastal waterways, and ultimately the ocean. Collier Canal is the primary storm water detention area for more than 50 percent of the city of Sebastian along the east coast of Florida. To combat failing walls and take action to preserve its water quality, Everlast Synthetic Products vinyl sheet pile walls were secured with Foresight Products earth anchors to provide long-term stabilization of storm water canal banks. Read the full story here.

Mechanical soil anchors provide an alternative on sites with severe constraints

An article By Vincent A. Siefert, P.E., Ram M. Kasturi, P.E.
Foundation construction in the urban environment is becoming increasingly challenging as these projects demand a fast schedule, provide minimal work area, and are bid extremely competitively. These foundation projects require a very site-specific design and analysis tailored to the existing field conditions. Read the full article here.

Expertise and slope stabilization systems handle some of the toughest sites imaginable

This recent article featured Manta Ray Anchors and their popularity amongst engineers and contractors for extreme slope stabilization projects. The superintendent for one of the contractors using Manta Ray’s stated, “We’re using the Manta Rays because it’s a fairly simple setup and it’s inexpensive compared to sheeting or anything like that,” he says. “It has made good sense to use them on this project.”

Article by Don Talend

Slope stabilization work becomes particularly urgent when an unstable hillside dislodges rocks at heights of several stories and potentially cause injuries or property damage. That was the case in September 2011 in Weston, WV, when general contractor Orders Construction of Charleston, WV, was awarded a contract to eliminate the potential for large sandstone blocks to fall from a slope rising nearly 10 stories above a roughly 1,000-foot-long stretch of State Route 19 that runs along the West Fork River. The slopes are steeper than 1:1—roughly 60 to 65 degrees.

It’s one example of how engineers and contractors are addressing extreme situations requiring serious slope stabilization. Available slope stabilization solutions are aiding their rigorous planning and execution when tackling these situations.

Read the full article here.

Anchor-Loc Sets Standards in Earth Anchoring

Effective earth anchoring has long been the thorn in the side of the resource and engineering sector. The use of concrete, adhesives and screw type systems has provided an unreliable process of “try it and see” until the fixatives cure and the holding capacities are measured. Ancor-Loc’s ground anchoring systems feature low environmental impact, ease of installation, and immediate testing for maximum holding capacity. Read the full story here.

Easy to Install Ground Anchoring System Shines

A revolutionary ground anchoring system is making the days of this expensive necessity on many minesites, with often unpredictable and unreliable results, a problem of the past. With low environmental impact, quick and easy installation, immediate testing for maximum holding capacity and a significant saving over traditional methods, Ancor-Loc’s system is the new benchmark for earth anchoring. Read the full story here.

Sizing up the Right Wall

John Easom, territory manager for the state of Delaware and the Eastern shore for ACF Environmental, says his company is frequently using MSE walls in which a wire-formed basket, wrapped with geotextile and embedded in the soil, gives the wall its form. Soil anchors are used for a safety factor on the walls. Read the full story online here.