Manta Ray Installation>>>

Manta Ray earth anchors are driven tipping plate soil anchors. The most common anchor models are the MR-SR, MR-1 and MR-2. They have working load capacities up to 12 tons and all use the same anchor rod and eye nut or termination hardware. Click here to see how they work.


Installation Procedure

The Manta Ray anchor is designed to be driven into the ground with a 90 lb (41kg.). hydraulic pavement breaker (hammer). After the anchor has been driven to the depth of the anchor rod, the driving tool (called drive steel) is removed. The anchor is then tipped from its edgewise-driving position to its “load locked” position. This is done with a hydraulic jack called the Load Locker, and provides an immediate proof test of each anchor. The direct reading gauge on the Load Locker makes the proof test easy and fast. There is no guesswork; if the soil is too soft the installer immediately knows to install a second anchor, use a larger anchor, or install to a greater depth.