Installation Tools

In some applications, MANTA RAY anchors are driven into the soil with a 90 lb. pavement breaker and coupled drive steel.  Pneumatic or hydraulic breakers are acceptable, but a 90 lb. weight class breaker is necessary.  Manual installation of STINGRAY anchors is not recommended.

Drive Steel

The MANTA RAY drive steel is designed to allow anchors to be driven to the proper depth (usually 7-8 ft.) Without placing the jack hammer above shoulder height.  This is accomplished by using drive steel composed of 4 sections:  one radius tip piece to mate with the anchor, two extension pieces and one shank piece to fit in the chuck of the breaker.  1 1/8 x 6 and 1 ¼ x 6 shank sizes are standard.  The drive steel pieces are held in alignment with Foresight’s patented couplers, which were designed specifically for this use.

All MANTA RAY drive steel sets are provided with an extractor bar which allows the use of the MANTA RAY anchor locker to extract the steel in the rare cases where they cannot be manually extracted.

MANTA RAY drive steel is manufactured from high grade tool steel and carburized for maximum strength, wear resistance and energy transmission.

Note: Additional drive steel extension pieces and couplers are used to drive anchors to deeper depths.

Anchor Locker

The anchor locker consists of a hollow hydraulic cylinder with a control valve and a pressure gage, a welded base, an adapter setting bar, a tapered jaw set and a metal storage box.

The adapter setting bar is attached (screwed on) to the anchor rod after the anchor has been driven to depth. It provides a means for the tapered jaws of the anchor locker to grip and pull on the anchor rod. The base reacts the pull up forces of the hydraulic ram during anchor locking. It is placed over the adapter setting bar and allows the hydraulic cylinder to align itself with the anchor rod at any angle.

The hydraulic cylinder is then place over the adapter setting bar. When the control valve is shifted to extend the cylinder, the tapered jaws grip the adapter setting bar – which pulls upward on the anchor rod and tips the anchor underground.

The control valve has a factory adjusted bypass relief valve, which limits the maximum hydraulic pressure for safety.


Utility Hardware

All MANTA RAY anchors are designed to be used with utility standard anchor rods. Click here to view our Anchor Rods, Couplers, and Thimbleyes hardware.