Marine Installation

Marine Anchor Installation

Marine anchors are designed to be driven into the earth by a hydraulic or pneumatic jack hammer (breaker). The anchor can be equipped with a 1” standard or forged screw anchor rod. Certain special applications call for the anchors to have all thread or cable attachments.

The MANTA RAY anchor was developed to accommodate existing underwater jackhammers, specifically hydraulic/pneumatic. Foresight Products recommends a minimum 90 pound class hammer with an equivalent chuck size of 1 1/8” x 6” (29mm x 152mm) shank. A 1 ¼” x 6” (32mm x 152mm) chuck size will also work. It is extremely important that an underwater jackhammer is specified. This jackhammer works off a hydraulic power unit producing 16-18hp, generating 8-9 gallons per minute (gpm) with 2000 pounds per square inch. When using pneumatic equipment, an air compressor of at least 100 cubic feet per minute is recommended.

The complete anchor system consists of the MANTA RAY anchor, an anchor rod, extension rod pieces if necessary, and swivel eye. After the anchor has been driven the length of the anchor rod(s), the installer attaches the anchor locker device to rotate and lock the anchor into position. By observing the gauge on the anchor locker, the operator can proof load the anchor to the desired holding capacity.

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