Utility Installation

The MANTA RAY anchor is designed to drive into the ground at any desired angle which makes it effective to install for many utility projects. The patented drive radius feature helps the anchor remain on a straight drive path. The chipping-edges help the anchor break through layers of hard soil with a small profile before the large profile of the wings and shackle encounter the hard soil.

For complete Installation Instructions you may reference the Utility Anchor System Installation Guide.

Installation Power Sources and Tools

Air/Hydraulic Hammers: The MANTA RAY anchor was developed to accommodate existing 90 lb class jackhammers normally in use throughout the utility industry. Please visit the Installation Tools page for more information, or contact your MANTA RAY sales team sales@earthanchor.com.

Hydraulic: To install MANTA RAY the portable hydraulic power sources must have a capacity of a minimum 8 gallons per minute (30 lpm) at 2000 PSI (140 bar) for a 90 lb hydraulic jackhammers . This source can also be used directly off vehicles that have a hydraulic power supply on board. Many of these systems exceed the minimum requirements and will save additional drive time if they are in good working order. The manufacturer recommends the installer test the vehicle PSI and flow rate to meet tool requirements.

LL-1 Load Locker requires minimum 2 gpm maximum 8 gpm at 2000 PSI.

Pneumatic: The minimum capacity air compressor to efficiently handle a 90 pound hammer is 100 cfm (higher capacity sources will also improve efficiency of installation). Many vehicles are equipped with air compressors of the required capacity. Consult your manufacturer for minimum requirements to run your pneumatic hammer.

Load Locking and Proof Testing

The anchor must be proof tested using the Anchor Locker as instructed to the desired holding capacity. The Anchor Locker consists of a base plate, hydraulic center hole ram, hydraulic plumbing, a gauge, an adapter setting bar and tapered jaws to grab the bar.


All MANTA RAY anchors are designed to be used with utility standard anchor rods. Click here to view our Anchor Rods, Couplers, and Thimbleyes hardware.