Utility Applications

Utility Applications

MANTA RAY® utility anchors are driven into the ground from ground level, with standard hand-held equipment or with a mounted breaker on a skid steer, backhoe, or other equipment. There is no need for digging holes and no soil disturbance during installation making it perfect for tight and hard-to-reach locations like backyards, alleys, etc. The anchors are made from galvanized ductile iron which offers maximum corrosion resistance.

The utility anchor system is designed to out perform current anchoring systems in:

– Field tested holding performance
– Speed of installation
– Installation in hard-to-reach locations
– Total install cost

No more guesswork!

The MANTA RAY system is a cost-effective anchoring solution in comparison to other screw or expandable systems because it installs quickly without large expensive equipment. MANTA RAY is fully guaranteed with an unconditional replacement policy if the anchor breaks during installation. The MANTA RAY is NRECA accepted.

No more guesswork! Installation and testing of the MANTA RAY anchor is simultaneous. For installation information click here.