Installation Tools

Stingray SG175 Drive Steel

  • 1.75” diameter  (44.5mm)
  • 8 lbs per foot (12kg/m)
  • 8 ft. extension weighs 64 lbs  (29 kg)
  • Couplers are 2.5” diameter  (63.5mm)
  • Stinger thread past design for energy transfer (same concept as Manta Ray SG Drive Steel)
  • Radius Drive Tips for Stingray only
  • Mix & Match 3,6,8 ft. lengths (1, 1.8, 2.4 m)
  • SG175 Socket Adapters to adapt to any Hydraulic Hammer using a blunt tool

Stingray SR-LLK Load Locker

  • 60 Ton capacity Double Acting  Hollow Cylinder
  • Direct reading gauge
  • High Pressure Power unit and hoses included
  • Two Models:
  • Tower Model: 2 piece Self Aligning
  • Retaining Wall Model: 1 piece Table
Click here for information on the procedure for using the SR-LLK

Vehicle Mounted Breaker

Boom mounted demolition hammers or breakers are very effective  for driving STINGRAY anchors.  Breakers, backhoe-loaders or excavators also work well.  Vehicles with 500 to 1,000 foot-pound pavement breakers are  best for Stingrays.  Socket adapters matched to the OD of the breaker tool are  available from Foresight Products.

Rock Drill

Top Hammer or down-the-hole hammer rock drills are effective for installation of MANTA RAY and STINGRAY anchors.   For hard soil installations, the drill can be used  to drill a pilot hole.  Foresight can provide striker bar adapters  for these types of drills.  Rock drilling steel can also be  modified to drive anchors.